Williams LifeSkills Program:

 Hungarian translation and cultural adaptation


In September 2004 the Williams LifeSkills Inc. has donated to the Selye Hungarian Society of Behavioural Sciences and Medicine the rights to translate and adapt into Hungarian the Williams LifeSkills training program.  It allows the use of the WLS program by Selye Society in Hungary only, except for other areas where only the Hungarian version may be used, to bring the benefits of the WLS program to high risk populations.

The Hungarian version, including cultural adaptation is completed. This well structured stress-management and coping skill enhancing program is to be widely used in Hungarian community based interventions. The effectiveness of the program is monitored by using appropriate research methods in cooperation with Williams LifeSkills Inc.

The training of Hungarian  Facilitators is organised by the Selye Hungarian Society of Behavioural Medicine with the supervision of Virginia Williams, PhD, on behalf of Williams LifeSkills Inc.


Current Williams LifeSkills training groups (only in Hungarian)


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